About This Blog

Kenneth H. Thomas, Jr., has written the genealogy column in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution since May 1977. The column has always appeared on Sundays, first in the Dixie Living Section, now known as the Living Section. Running continuously for 33 years, it is one of the longest-running genealogy columns in the United States.

This website will eventually contain all of the past columns up through the previous year.

A version of the material found herein appeared in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, but what is being posted here is from the author’s original submissions, which were edited by the newspaper staff. The headings and subtitles are also slightly different, as those were edited at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution as well.

The column has varied over the years from weekly, to monthly, to twice a month, and for a number of years was only four times a month, with no fifth Sunday column. In 2009 that policy changed and since then it has appeared every Sunday.

The first two years columns, for 1977-1978, were published in 1981 in a hard-cover volume, copies of which are available from the author at P.O. Box 901, Decatur, GA 30031.