Computer Genealogy Programs/Services

January 1st, 1995


Genealogy by its nature easily lends itself to computers. Thus its time to mention the leading genealogy computer programs, those on which one can compile his genealogy and print out charts, group sheets, and an entire narrative, easily publishable. Programs can also index said narratives. The best known ones (and there are new ones created each year) are Personal Ancestry File (PAF), Roots IV, and Family Tree Maker. Many on-line computer services have genealogy features. The Sept/Oct 1994 newsletter of the National Genealogical Society includes within its usual 16-page computer interest group insert a chart of those services on America On Line, CompuServe, Prodigy, Genie, and Delphi. The NGS address is 4527 17th St., North, Arlington, Va. 22207-2399. America On Line is discussed in a recent issue of “Genealogical Computing”, P.O. Box 478, Salt Lake City, Utah 84110. This newsletter contains more than you would ever want to know about the subject. The July-August-September issue contains the 1994 Directory of Genealogy Software with mini-reviews of over 40 genealogy programs. The October-December issue contains a chart of On-Line Services including, besides those mentioned above, the National Archives, Bureau of Land Management, Everton’s, and the National Genealogical Society’s Bulletin Boards. Another genealogy computer feature can be found in the “Genealogical Helper” found at many libraries. What are you using? Here is your chance to let others know which genealogy program and which genealogy service you are using and why you like it. Have you tried others? Why did you change? Results will be published and hopefully can help other readers make a decision. The computerization of one’s genealogy records saves hours of agony over lost records, and certainly helps get information in better shape to share, even if not published, with other relatives. It makes publishing research much easier.


“Beginning American Genealogy”, will be taught by Joye Lett Quinn, 7-9 PM, Tuesday, Jan. 17 through Feb. 21, six weeks. Fee is $35. Duluth High School, 3737 Brock Rd., Duluth, Ga. To register call 476-8781 after 4 PM. Class will include field trips to the Georgia Archives and the National Archives in East Point.
Paragraph: “Genealogy Workshop, Level 2”, will be taught by Rita B. Worthy, 10 AM-12 Noon, Saturday Jan. 21, 28, and Feb. 4 (three weeks), Fee: $30 members, $35 non-members, DeKalb Historical Society at the Old Courthouse in Decatur, call 373-1088 Carolyn Khadan to register. Course is a follow-up to previous workshops by the speaker and includes land, probate and immigration records.


The National Archives-Southeast Region, 1557 St. Joseph Ave., East Point, has new hours. Monday-Friday open 8-4, and on Tuesdays until 8 PM. Microfilm reservations are now for four hour blocks. It is not open Saturdays, but will open 1-5 on Sunday following the Second Saturday. For information, call 763-7477.